Saturday, July 7, 2007

More arguments for the LSID

I just realized that I forgot to mention the other way that the BioMoby project utilizes LSIDs.

The LSID spec includes versioning!

Our client software can, simply by string-comparison of LSIDs, detect when a BioMoby service has changed! The time-stamp that is appended to the LSID representing a service is updated for every change that the service-provider makes. This time-stamp is included in the "version" field of every LSID, so that every client program knows if it is looking at the same Web Service, or a modified one.

Again... let's see you do THAT using URLs! (without contorting yourself like a rubber-band man)

I state once more, that URLs are NOT the solution to the semantic web!

Let's get over it and move on!